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Welcome to Illuminar Consulting

Every high performance athlete has a coach. Like sport, the business environment is no different – to be a consistent high performer, individuals need a coach to assist them achieve levels they’re capable of attaining. We assist leaders, managers and teams to improve their effectiveness, resilience and performance to ensure they reach their potential and sustain it.

Executive Coaching is a crucial part of a high performance organisation and critical to lasting and measurable improvements in mindset, behaviour and performance.

We work with senior leaders, managers and individuals to develop socially intelligent, high performers that engage and align their teams to the goals, vision and values of the organisation while building a culture of excellence that delivers results.

Through focused and active learning, managers, executives and business leaders learn to develop critical leadership skills, competencies and behaviours that facilitates growth and high performance while aligning their workforce to the organisation’s goals and vision.

We have a variety of programs and modules for different needs, levels and roles, utilising key elements of peer feedback, action learning, experiential simulation and strategic alignment – all driving positive behaviour change.


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